Origami Photos Page 1

These are the front and back views of one of Tomoko Fuse's origami patchworks. I used Muji paper for the middle ring, but the other two rings and the back squares were made using William Morris patterned gift wrap.

The 'back' of the quilt!

This is Fumiaki Kawahata's Pegasus from Origami Fantasy. It's my first attempt but it worked OK. I'll try again.

These are modular dodecahedra by Tomoko Fuse.

This is a truncated cube by Tomoko Fuse.

This is one of my cats investigating a wet-folded tiger by Dokuotei Nakano.

This is a Soma Cube made from Sonobe units as described in the Biddles' New Origami.

A Komatsu squirrel in a cherry tree.

This is a bucky ball constructed using 90 of Tom Hull's Zig-Zag Units.

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