Origami Mini-Meetings in Scotland

The Usual Suspects are: (From lower left going clockwise), Matthew (hiding), Irene, Kenny, Susan (standing), me, Pat and Gillian

We've now been meeting roughly every two months since March 2000.

Cairneyhill - February 1st 2004

We decided that today would be hats day. So we dug out Joan Sallas’ book and each made a hat.  This took some doing as we all had to cut different sizes of paper and were all trying to get ours folded at the same time from one book.

Alexander wearing the Fox Cub hat with his father David wearing the Pannetone Hat.

Matthew wearing the (very difficult) beret, Kenny wearing the Gladiator , me (predictably) wearing two cats, and Susan as Nefertiti.


Our order from Opane had arrived and Kenny distributed the spoils! This included some ‘Strawberry paper’ Red with spots on one side and green on the other. So we all made strawberries and I made a Fuse bowl to put them in.

Next meeting scheduled for 28th March at Scone.


East Kilbride - November 30th 2003

I’ll add something here when I remember and get photos of what we did!!!!


Cairneyhill - September 28th 2003

With the Rally out of the way, we decided to settle down into some folding for ourselves. From the attention that the Dragon received at the Rally, the first order of the day was for Kenny to give us a 'Golden Venture' Workshop. This was mainly a lesson in understanding the way the assembly is diagrammed. A manic folding session followed during which we made 3 shrimps.

Matthew was particularly struck by this concept and feels that it should be possible to make a pretty good positionable hand. What (if anything) comes of this idea will be documented in future meeting notes!

Meanwhile, a Corrie dog was being attempted by a relative newcomer (David Scott) for his son. The diagrams proved to be not suitable for the beginner, but with perseverance and a nudge in the right direction a dog was made. What we hadn't realised was that the dog's head would be a different colour from it's body!

After that (and some tea) we proceeded to raid Kenny's recent Fuse book purchase. From this we made a very pretty star and some very cute little duck chopstick rests.

To end the session, Matthew dug out one of the Halle Cartoon books purchased at the York convention and taught us the Idefix model. For English speaking Asterix fans, this is Dogmatix. A very nice model!

Next meeting scheduled for November 30th

Ingliston- September 13th 2003 National Mazda MX5 Rally

My attempt to fold a Mazda MX5 (based on Max Hulme's Bugatti)

The Display of Origami at Dynamic Earth.

Each guest had two origami models placed on their seat.

Scone - August 3rd 2003

That's pronounced 'skoon' in case you're wondering. It's a small town just outside Perth that's full of people who get miffed when you mention the Stone of Destiny.

Anyway! Another meeting dominated by the upcoming Mazda display. We have most of the little bits done and a few display models ready to go. (I still haven't actually folded the Mazda yet! I'l have to start soon!).

Pat brought along the scottie dog that she's been folding and taught it to the rest of us

I brought along a couple of things that I folded on holiday.

I'm not too happy with the buddha, but it was hard work, so it'll have to do for now!

Irene folded a few kimonos, but managed not to teach it! Next time...

For more display items I'll fold some Hulme sheep and Matthew has volunteered to fold a Kasahara Eagle.

In short, it's all coming together. Some final setting up needs to be done at the site itself and then the display. Kenny and I will tackle the display (hopefully!) and we'll all do classes on the day.

Next meeting tentatively set at September 28th, subject to confirmation!

Cairneyhill - June 1st 2003

A new arrival! Alexander Scott joined us today and he brought along his dad, David.

We started (a little tediously for new arrivals) with a discussion of what we were going to do about the upcoming events. It transpires that none of us are available to help out with Laurieston Castle's Matsuri this year, and I'll have to tell them this.

Then we discussed the models required for the Mazda rally in September. They would like an origami Mazda. I've had a go at modifying Max Hulme's Bugatti. I think it'll work (when I get the dimensions right and add a windscreen!)

We then chose 6 simple models to place on each of the 100 tables (yep! 600 models) and had a great deal of fun reminding ourselves how to fold them. Keiji Kitamura's Staying Cat was a particular favourite.

Following from the last meeting we also showed the Sierpinski Sponges (old and new)

and Mark Leonard's Crossbow

Denver Lawson's Artichoke module was also taught. Pat liked it just at one layer.

The next meeting was arranged for the 3rd August.

East Kilbride - April 27th 2003

Meeting at Susan and Matthew's house.

We started with me teaching a vase by Philip Shen. I learned it at Nottingham and liked it so much (especially the sunken base) that I had to share it.

Ken Dowson then showed us the model that he'd been working on. He caught the Business Card Menger Sponge bug a while back and at the time we discussed various possibilities for a triangular version. This would in effect be a three dimensional Sierpinski triangle.

Ken's current solution uses Tomoko Fuse's Bird Unit to make a hexahedron and some joining units. It's not quite the solution he's looking for but it's close and he's sure that he's on the right track. He taught the modules so that we could all have a go.

Following the last meeting, we were now taught the 'Bull's Bust' by Matthew. It seems to be either a bull's head or a goat's head depending on how you fold it (my attempt looked somewhat demonic!) Matthew used some coloured paper to give a touch of gore to the horns. We agreed that it is a really effective Minotaur head. Now all we need to do is turn the neck stand into a body.

All this was punctuated with the usual banter, jokes, tangential references, biscuits and general free-folding.

The next meeting was tentatively arranged for the 1st June

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