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Sara Adams has a wonderful instructional video for this model on her website. Just click this link!
Candle Box

Candle Box.

Candle Box

Floribunda - Origami Flower Design Set.


Cherry Blossom Box.



Shield Box

Shield Box.

Shield Box

Helical Dish

Helical Dish.

Helical Dish

General Purpose Envelope

General Purpose Envelope.

General Purpose Envelope




Early stuff

Early folds.

Plain Faced Cross
Dutch Milkmaid's Cap
Morvern Flowers
Xmas Decoration

This is nothing more than a slight variation on a Ball by Jack Skillman.It's also a very good cat toy!

Very simple Penrose tiles

Penrose tiles can form aperiodic tesselations

Dollar Bill Wreath.
Extra Twinkles!.

Some variations on Tomoko Fuse's 'Twinkling Stars' giving extra points


Some folding sequences for the awkward polygons! Pentagon Method 1 is the traditional method for getting a pentagon. However, for the flowers it can be useful if the polygon is centred on the paper (to utilise any colour effects on the paper) Therefore Pentagon Method 2 and the Heptagon are both centred.

I should also mention that these are not exact polygons, merely very, very close approximations

Pentagon from a square (Method 1)

Pentagon from a square (Centred)

Heptagon from a square (Centred)

Two Equilateral Triangles from a sheet of A4 Correction to the diagram on page 41 [C]

of 'Origami Design' by Tomoko Fuse (ISBN 4-480-87264-7)

Happy Folding!

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