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Hi there! I've been a paper folder for about 35 years. In that time I've created a few models, written various articles and (hopefully) useful utilities for paperfolders.
Unfortunately, now that I'm doing database and editing, this site has rather fallen by the wayside. Most (if not all) will be moving to the upcoming new Origami Scotland page
In the meantime, have a look around at some old stuff and have fun.


The Origami Database. Search for models. Research book details. Add some more!

Exhibition in Edinburgh

Origami in a Nutshell

Some Origami Utilities including:
  • A spreadsheet for Fuse Spirals
  • A spreadsheet for paper size calculations for Fuse books and Joan Sallas' Hats book
  • An origami template/stencil for Visio containing diagramming symbols and frequently used shapes.
Get your diagrams here!

An on-going list of the 59 Stellations of the Icosahedron in Origami!

Article on Flower Towers
How to make a fabric pouch for your origami paper.
Scottish Mini-Meetings
Origami Photos Page 1
Origami Photos Page 2
BOS Spring 2002 Convention Photos
BOS Spring 2003 Convention Photos
Happy Folding!

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